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Simple Truth Big Change Podcast

If you want to know more about how to study the Bible, check out this podcast!

This is where we read and explore the simple and powerful truth of the Bible. This simple truth leads to big change in our lives! Each episode focuses on a different verse or topical series, and we dig into the background of the text. We keep it simple...and God does big things.

New episodes coming January 2020!

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001 Why Should I Read the Bible?

By Heather K. Duff | June 18, 2019

In this episode we discuss a simple but powerful truth about the Bible found in 1 Thessalonians 2:13. Just what happens in the life of a believer when we read the Bible? More than you think! Simple Truth: The word…

How to Study the Bible

Here is the reading/study plan I recommend by John MacArthur. This has been life-changing for me.

Your life will be richly rewarded by reading and studying God's word!

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John MacArthur, Grace to You


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