Heather K. Duff, Author of The Wrong: Kirby Mayhew Mystery Series

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Kirby Mayhew Mystery

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The Meaningful Journey So Far…

By Heather K. Duff | March 13, 2019

I wrote about my focus on the meaningful here. Since the beginning of the year I have done a few things to keep me moving forward in the quest. Well, one of the things I started a little over a year ago, and in retrospect, that’s probably the one thing that is directing these other…

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Starting a War

By Heather K. Duff | January 12, 2019

Ten days ago, I started this New Year with a fire in my heart. It took the form of a single word: Meaningful. I was—and remain—determined to fight in this war. And it is a war. Meaningful isn’t easy. It doesn’t just happen. It is a war against laziness, apathy, and the busyness of these important…

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By Heather K. Duff | January 1, 2019

Every year (or most years…) I prayerfully consider what my One Word for the new year will be. Some words have been more memorable than others, some years I kept the word in mind as an anchor. Some years, not so much. This year my word is “Meaningful.” Because… I want to do MEANINGFUL work…

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Mystery Novel

A grieving pastor’s new beginning lies buried beneath the secrets and sins of Caney Cove’s most horrific crime.

Heather K. Duff, Author of The Wrong, Kirby Mayhew Mystery Series
Two years after his wife’s murder, Kirby Mayhew submits his resignation letter as pastor of Harvest Church. He’s ready to pack up his life and move away from Caney Cove and away from the shadow of grief he’s been living under. But a deathbed confession from the ailing Trudy Andrus reveals new information about his wife’s killer.
Did the man convicted of Julie’s murder act alone?
Was someone else to blame for her death?

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